Top 3 Priorities



Back in May of 2014, the Bonanza asked the IVGID candidates: If elected, what are the top three opportunities for improvement within the district that you're excited to tackle? I actually look at these as Top Priorities. Fast forward to May of 2018 and it is shocking to see these are still Top Priorities! I would like to share my responses from that time as they are critically important now…

1) Fiscal responsibility- a thorough independent, comprehensive audit of IVGID's financial and managerial structure along with its employee wages and compensation schedules needs to transpire so we can begin lessening the 50+% burden on our yearly budget.

2) IVGID's culture-for too long too many of the District's employees have operated under a threat of fear and intimidation. We need to break this cycle and encourage those who've lost focus within IVGID to realize their importance not only to the District but, more importantly, to the customers and clients of our community...the residents of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. Fostering an environment of positive work relationships, open communication and empowerment and most of all top-notch customer service will help all those who want to achieve success the ability to do so.

3) Facilities and Operations-with an aging infrastructure at several of our venues, the District needs to realize the importance of well-built and well-maintained facilities and operations. Some shortcuts were taken over the last 14 (now 18!) years that need to be corrected once and for all. Let's demand that we, as a community, replace/rebuild/reuse our facilities in a manner that focuses on structural integrity, appropriateness of use and aesthetic compatibility with our spectacular natural surroundings. As well, we need to maintain and operate what we currently have with prudence and due diligence to ensure our facilities last for future generations. 

These were and continue to be important issues that will take hard work, commitment and dedication by the IVGID Board to properly acknowledge that it ensures it is doing the work of the community and is focusing its energies toward the residents, first and foremost!

The good news is that we, as a community, are poised to tackle these and many other tough questions, with the drive and ambition to do what’s right for our future! We have a tremendous pool of folks who are truly interested in formulating doable, workable, fiscally sane action plans that will help to ensure the economic stability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. More importantly, we need to plan now to ensure that our quality of life is not compromised and that our stewardship of Lake Tahoe is appropriate and long-range in its planning.

I feel that I bring a level-headed, methodic even-handedness to the table to help facilitate a return to fiscal sanity, Board comportment and a shared partnership to get our District back on track. It takes a strong desire in working together to realize our community’s goals and vision. We all are so fortunate to live in such a spectacular paradise. Let’s work together to realize our potential and continue to build on the prior successes of those who had the initial vision for Incline Village/Crystal Bay.